Rome: the Fountainland

One can wonder what’s the sense of me writing about fountains: well there’s no, I just really adore them.

I feel extremly happy just to sit and watch that endless water falling from somewhere 🙂

Someone, who’s been in Rome at least once, knows that it’s a heaven for me: almost on every step there’s a fountain you should stop and enjoy.

Here are some, that I’ve met on my way,  wandering the streets of Rome!

Of course I’ll start with the most famous one: Fontanna di Trevi. Remember, it’s impossible to have a picture, where it’s just you: people will not let that 😀


What about the rest I’m not going to name, basically because I don’t remember the names (really bad memory)


Yes, sometimes there’s no water, but you still can enjoy sitting there having a nice ice cream 🙂20170325_12385120170325_13595320170325_14034520170323_17485620170325_14253620170324_090059

This one is a masterpiece 🙂 Enjoy!!!




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