Malta’s calling

Malta has never been a place I’ve ever planned to be. When my husband asked for how long we should stay there, I was surprised even at his question: what we’re gonna do there, I thought? As you may guess, I chose not to spend much time there: not my best decision 🙂

It’s a country of diversity:

Architecture- it’s weirdely beautiful: at the first sight you feel being in some Arabic country, later on it’s Roman style, then comes British. You’ll meet  very old and destroyed building facing extremly new, modern one almost on every step.

Food-  very delicious Maltese cuisine(not too much traditional Maltese food to choose though), the rest is a mix of Italian, French, British and some more.

People- very friendly, helpful. Almost everyone speaks English.

Transportation-really comfortable, various connections. As an advice, if you really don’t recognise your stop, but know it only by name, it’s always better to ask a driver to inform you when it’s your stop. It worked really magical for us, as we missed our stops not one time 🙂

Beaches- I really don’t know. As I mentioned above, not my best decision  to spent less time there. From the pics looks really nice 🙂

Cities- It seems to be small island, but when you plan to travel around, it’s pretty big. Cities are so close to one anoter, that you don’t even feel entering to new city. Athough besides Valette probably there’s not many cities to spent time walking around, but for sure it worth to make a round in an island.

Sights- breathtaking

Eat ice-cream, shop before dark (they close the shops pretty early) and enjoy Malta 😉




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