My Moroccan Tale: Fez

When you arrive at a place at night, tired of your flight, I really doubt you’re gonna enjoy the city like Fez. Trash everywhere, street food, hundreds of people walking in  streets of Medina (one of those 9000 something streets, that the Medina of Fez has). Should I say that I experienced cultural shock??? Yes, I did.
Fez is fantastic: to come to this conclusion you just need  to reload your batteries and go to explore and get lost in one of the largest and oldest Medinas in the world. Streets that are, as I mentioned, more than 9000, lead to only two main streets, so if you don’t pay much attention to the way (with the hope to be back), that’s when you get lost in the biggest medina.
Houses here have no proper windows, as we imagined them to be. Some of them have a big hole on the roof, so if you’re kinda claustrophobic, reconsider your booking. I’m talking about traditional Riads, which are in Medinas and they all have terraces to enjoy (tea,coffee,shisha and the view of course 😉 )



People say you should pay random people who try to show you the way, but we didn’t met those who really asked for it (at least in Fez). Tipping is considered to be national sport there 🙂

While walking in this narrow streets everyone tries to get you to their shops. They offer you a nice view, sometimes even tea. It’s safer (to your pocket) to hear from them that it’s for free. Anyways, you tip or not, you buy or not, they are never agressive or scary or dangerous. Just a bit disappointed(who wouldn’t be)
If U’re good at bargaining, that’s your place to get the stuff for half the price or even cheaper from the one mentioned from the beginning : they really like to bargain-they offer their price, you offer yours, then the game starts 🙂



It’s a totally different life in Fez after and before the blue gates: these are totally different worlds: inside the gates the crazy life of Medina starts: food and clothes on the streets, cafes and restaurants with open roofs in a really nice Moroccon style, orange juice squeezed right in front of you, washed in the same water as 100 of other oranges…and cups …and hands 😀  cost just 1€, trash around, kingdom of cats in the streets, and people, people, people…



Outside of Medina is the new Fez: grass and trees taken care of, red taxis everywhere, fountains and gardens with few people walking around, shopping malls and stores, coca colas instead of fresh squeezed orange juice…
 Next to come the blue city-Chefchaouen…



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